10 Tips To Dating Out Of Your League

10 Tips To Dating Out Of Your League

There is no shortage of books, blog posts and magazine articles on dating out of your league, and most of the ‘information’  is crap.

Here is what you really need to know.


The Old Ball Game

            The Old Ball Game by riekhavoc

You can’t get out of your league

without improving your game.


Ms. Understanding’s post  ” 10 Things She Wants You To Know ”  pretty much shows that the well-educated, well-spoken woman expects more from a man.  Herewith is a list of 10  Self -improvement ideas, (in order of importance) that will move you to the next level in dating and life.

10. Don’t put women on pedestals

Points 2 & 3 of this post on The Man-Up blog are important to the whole dating scene.

9.   Money is not important

If you are trying to date someone who is better off financially, don’t expect her to be impressed by what’s in your wallet. If she’s extremely attractive there is no shortage of men trying to buy her affection.

8.   Originality

Ideas, actions, beliefs that are new, amusing and different are attractive to both males and females.  Artists always attract groupies because of the way they (the artist) see and shape the world.  You need not be Andy Warhol but a dash of originality works wonders.

7.   Self-Confidence

The opposite of confident is needy.  Needy people are to be avoided because they suck the life right out of you.  Don’t be needy.  Want to know how to improve your confidence?  Go here and here.

6.   Relationships

Have as many real relationships (not Facebook friends) as possible.  Men who have strong social networks and supportive friends are more attractive to women than men who don’t.  The better your social circle the better the women you can date.

5.   Health

Get some and keep it.  The amount of programs that promise to get you in the best shape of your life are too numerous to mention.  Find one that you like and use it.  This is my routine.   Realistically, you can’t expect to chase down the choicest, most tender gazelle if you are a fat, sick lion.

4.   Appearance

If you are a twenty-old, try to dress like a well-dressed 20-year-old.  If you are a 40+ and dress like 20-year-old, GET A LIFE.  Moving up in the game means dressing like the company you intend to keep.  Real Men Real Style teaches mature men how to dress appropriately.  See how HERE.

3.   Industry

Definition:  Energetic devotion to a task or an endeavor; diligence. (From the freedictionary.com) Also known in today’s parlance as ‘hustle’.  There is something about a man stating that he runs his own business or has a profitable hobby that puts that spark of interest in a woman’s eye.

2.   Self-Direction

Where is your life going?  Why is it going that way?  What are you doing to improve yourself? Drift is definitely un-sexy.  Many people are simply being carried along in life’s currents, the man who can show self-direction will standout and have adherents wishing to get his focus and energy.

1.     Faith

Believe in something greater than yourself and behave accordingly.  Ms. Understanding puts it like this, “The man who does not believe in God, becomes a god unto himself”  Believing that you are the most important human on the planet generally ends badly.


Despite the attempts of the mind-benders of Madison Avenue to teach you that cars, clothes, watches, etc really matter, they don’t.  I think, developing the traits, of charm, self-confidence, poise, humour are what makes a man more attractive to women.  There are no tips and techniques that can replace the timeless fundamentals of self-development.

Considering that the alternative is to be a out-of-shape, boring, needy, suck-up, isn’t NOW the perfect time to get started on being a better man?



  1. Very, very interesting article…….will take note…..:)

  2. The men in my life that I admire and respect most, and those who have captivated my attention, all show up in this list with a variation at #9. These men are also financially viable, have set and accomplished goals. Beyond that baseline, what you have is not nearly as important as your character, how you treat me and others.

    • Thanks again for your input on this topic Baby gyrl. It really is about making becoming better internally that improves a man’s chances of dating out of his league.

  3. YES YES YES. As someone who recently opened a dating profile and is seeing responses of all kinds, I will tell you that the men who have this top ten list on their mind are the ones we respond to! Cheers.

  4. Great tips! I like people who wrote post based on practicality and reality.

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