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The problem with being a professional speechwriter is that hype comes naturally.


What is Writings of a Mid-Life Man Really About?


This is a self-improvement blog for persons over the age of 40.  If you imagined that life is all downhill after gray hair appears, I can assure you that it’s not.  With a little effort, you can become happier, sexier, stronger and more financially fit than you were in your twenties.

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How Does The Magic Happen?

You know all of those self-improvement books that you hear about but never read? I read them, experiment on myself, summarize the information and send it out to my friends.  When you sign up, I’ll do the same for you.

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“You always provide such meaningful, inspirational pieces!”  gdrdavies.

“Awesome list. A few I had heard before, most were new. #9 is by far my favorite.” Brad Alexander@ badassyoungmen.com on  Forty by 40: The Big List of Things I Learnt by the Age of 40

“Excellent site you have here! . . . . . . . . ”      juliofeliano

“I’ll be using a few of these strategies.”  Sarah L. Webb @ slwrites.com  on 270 Words on Why You. . . .

“Great tips! I like people who write posts based on practicality and reality.”  Sam@Oceansofpeople


I’m Jeremy Delancy, a forty-something year old speechwriter living in The Bahamas, previously I worked as a Literature Teacher and then as a welder.

I love reading, I love books, quotes, and ideas.  My geek superpower is  to remember people (those who are witty or profound) years later based on what they say.  I can even remember what they were wearing, time of day and who they were with when we met.

My hobbies include other types of writing (White Papers, E-mail copywriting, Case Studies, Blog Posts) woodturning and snorkeling.

I started this blog to compile and share information on how to manage the perils of mid-life.  While this blog is written for an international audience, I occasionally cover topics that are relevant to people living in The Bahamas.

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