Best Year Ever(Intro). What Does It Mean? How To Achieve It.

Best Year Ever(Intro).  What Does It Mean? How To Achieve It.

What does it mean to have your ‘Best Year Ever’?  Can you plan to have such a year, or is it a year when the stars align to deliver unimaginable luck. To me, a great year is one in which you meet all or most of your aspirational goals. My belief is that you can create your best year ever, but, there is a catch, it takes years, to pull all the elements together. I’ll explain how I made mine and give you the links and tools to create yours.

At the start of 2017, I set five ambitious goals for the year.  They were:

  • Secure a promotion

  • Travel to Norway

  • Publish

  • Repair and remodel house

  • Take up a martial art


There were also two minor goals that I also wanted to work toward:

  • Have a successful art show

  • Learn a second language


Of the seven goals, I fully completed three (Promotion, Travel, Art Show), partially did two (remodel my house and learn a new language ), still continue to work on one (Publish) and totally failed in even starting to learn a martial art.  These post document what I did or learned along the way.

Originally, I’d intended to make it one long post but the message was muddled and no part had enough information to help anyone. I will instead do a  series.  Along the way, you’ll notice text that is both underlined and italicized.  These are “Key Tips”.  If you decide not to read everything (your loss) then at least digest these key tips.


Key Tip 1: Write your goals where you can see them often.

Key Tip 2: Shut up about your goals


For the first time in my life, I wrote the yearly goals at the front of my daily planner.  I have no choice but to see them often and I’m not overwhelmed because of the small number. No, this doesn’t mean that I succeeded at all but neither did I forget any.

The usual advice is to share goals with friends so you can be accountable.  Unfortunately, for a portion of the population, talking about a goal and accomplishing it gives the same psychological reward. Translation: By talking about it, you decrease the possibility that you will do it.   I belong to that group so I keep my mouth shut.    

How to set goals properly is a whole other post. In fact, one of the main reasons that you will fail at your New Year’s Resolutions is because they were poorly created.  For instance; you didn’t create a process to meet them, you didn’t schedule a time to get them done;  you relied on ‘motivation’ to get you through or worse, you didn’t see the other tiny habits that were a roadblock to the ultimate goal. The resource section at the end, will give you further insight on how to construct goals, and correctly use motivation.

Finally, I’m writing this series so that I have a permanent record of the mindset, procedures, and tools used to create a phenomenal year.  It is my hope that you’ll join me every month and take away some bit of information that through small, steady application will transform you for the better.

Suksess for deg!!


NEXT MONTH: Getting Promoted



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