. . . . . On Mother’s Day

. . . . . On Mother’s Day

With eight operations; (two major), one near fatal car crash, two parachute jumps, seven bouts of pneumonia caused by the hereditary disease Sickle Cell Anemia, various mishaps and accidents, all behind me and the 50th

My sister Elise with Max Taylor sculpture

My sister Elise with Max Taylor sculpture

birthday looming, there are times I need to take stock of where I am physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. Here is what I know for sure.

Without a strong support structure of able, intelligent, friends and relatives, I’d be DEAD!

I’ve written before about the Power that Gratitude has on our lives.  In this vein, I’d like to give thanks to those persons who have come this far with me and whom I am prepared to carry with me the rest of the way.  Since it’s Mother’s Day, I’ll start with the ladies . . . . . .


Eula Delancy (Mother) – Great men like myself (I’d also say Modest but it sounds like bragging) begin from great stock like her.  There is no need to write more because she has her own post which you can read HERE.


Elise Delancy (Sister) – Older than me by ten years, my relationship with her is explained in this post.


Aunt Elva on her way to church

Aunt Elva on her way to church

Elva Minnis (Aunt) – My dearest aunt -who still does my laundry and

has mediated any number of arguments between me and Elise.  Aunt Elva is one of the funniest, wittiest and kindest women ever.  Despite

having known her all my life, I am always surprised by the number of people she has helped or continues to help. Never a word of who needed her and what was required.

Her personal motto “live while you may and die when you can’t do any better”,   describes her perfectly .  My favourite quote from her is, “I ‘most 90 but I ain’t old yet” which she said on her 85th birthday.

Karen Strachan ( sister) – My eldest sister and the only one of us brave enough to reproduce.  Thanks for taking that one for the team!!

Singleton Cox (Cousin) – Like the little annoying sister I never wanted,  my super successful cuz  has grown into the kind of woman that makes my family proud.


Lauren Riviere – My Significant Other (along with Consuela – an inside joke)  and my source of happiness 95% of the time.  Why and how she has managed to put up with me for almost two decades is a mystery.

Betty Rolle – Author, quiet activist,  a source of inspiration and a light into the minds of women.   At one point I quoted Betty so much people thought she was my girlfriend.  A brilliant conversationalist, even her ‘small talk’ is worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Vanria Gibson – Trotman – My BFF.  I still have a hard time believing that I’ve had some of the same friends for more than 30 years and that she is one of them.  It wasn’t until her wedding that I learned  that Vanria is capable of maintaining four or five “Best Friends Forever” relationships.  I’m totally down with being her side BFF for another 30 years.

Marcia Musgrove – Best advice I can give for living a long, healthy life is to find a Seventh-Day Adventist.  Every  rock, bush and potion known or even suspected to increase life, they have it.  Listening to Marcia’s,  instruction I’ve improved my overall health.  Special mention: The only person I know who can slip the words “oolitic sand” into casual conversation but still insist that she’s  not a geek.

Stephanie Babbs-Seymour – Back in the 80’s she was a good friend in college, flash forward to the 2000’s still a good friend and a successful entrepreneur.  No one would think, listening to our conversations that Steph is only a year or so, older than I am.  She gave me on point  relationship advice and helped me get over my homesickness while we were in college.

Rene Hepburn-Davies – Did my entrance interview when I joined my present employer, still friends today.  A friendship filled with laughter and guidance is something we should all cultivate.


Honourable mentions go to:

Jennie Reckley (Deceased) During the time I lived on a different  island in The Bahamas, Sister Jennie, fed me, kept my spirits up when I was at a low point, taught me that courage and perseverance  required neither loudness nor martyrdom.  I miss her greatly.

Dr. Christine Chin– primary care physician. Thanks for giving a damn when the male doctors didn’t.

Dr. Raine – Repaired the botched operation on my toes done by another podiatrist.

Hannah Middleton and Shermona Wisdom – Physiotherapists who are putting me back together again.


I’d say that’s it but it’s not, there are so many who played a role in bringing this far.  I salute them all!

What about you?  Who are the women that made you a better person?




  1. Renee Davies says:

    I’m honored to have been mentioned!! I am indeed grateful and honored to call you my friend!!


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